From a vacation dream to a life's work

In the 1970s, in the cosmopolitan city with heart we opened our first hotel and called it - Rivoli. We created a place of hospitality, a house in which people from all over the world do feel very well cared for. Reception service, breakfast service, room service, placing orders - 20 hours per day were not unusual. We were running this hotel almost by ourselves. But the hard work paid off. The Hotel Rivoli was for many their preferred choice and more and more guests returned again. A few years later we were able to open our second hotel, the Hotel Imperial in the west of Munich. Again, we were able with our own handwriting to realize the vision of service and hospitality.

Since then, the family-owned company Rivoli Hotels was able to develop successfully. We expanded our Hotel -  Family over the years with the 4-star Design Hotel Ambiance Rivoli in Munich and as well with our 4-star Resort Hotel Oriental Rivoli in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Meanwhile, my daughter Patricia and her husband Shaun Sheffield are active in the management.

To this day, it is our endeavor to offer all guests in our hotel an incomparable stay and pay them attention as carefully as possible.

I wish you a wonderful stay and many RIVOLI - Moments!

Edgar Sakkal
Founder and owner

In remembrance and eternal love to Elfriede Sakkal (+ 2012) 

What moves us as hosts

Be attractive - also reflecting the price  

We promise you that you will always get the best available rate at RIVOLI. In each of our hotels. At anytime. And on all booking channels.

Create places and moments to relax

For a pleasant stay, it takes more than just a bed and a roof over your head. For real pleasure, it takes more than just a warm meal on the plate. And deep relaxation requires more than a sauna with relaxation area. Places where you as a guest feel all around comfortable, are distinguished by the fact that you are in good hands and feel inspired to enjoy time and space and to be pampered in a most attentive way. Creating such places and those moments that is our passion. We will work for this with all enthusiasm, full commitment and a keen sense for your individual needs - every day again.

It all began with a RIVOLI-Moment

Paris, Rue de Rivoli - and a promise

Why Rivoli Hotels? As a young, fresh couple in love, we spent some wonderful days in Paris. We had a dream of our common future and of creating something together. Immediately it was clear to us that openness for people and the passion for service and hospitality should be the focus. This moment and this place we will never forget - it was Rue de Rivoli.