www.rivoli.de - our new homepage

The Rivoli Hotels Munich is proud to welcome you to the new Website of our privately run hotels. Enjoy the mix of facts and news of our hotels, tips for sightseeing in Munich and worth knowing about public transport, travel and much more.

Dear Guest,

Welcome to the new homepage of Rivoli Hotels Munich.

Almost six months of work, loads of extra-hours and uncountable cups of coffee is the result that right now, you are looking in our homepage.
It was very important for us, not only to create a homepage in order to inform you about our family business hotel, but also to put on your disposal some essential information. For example, the most important sightseeing in Munich and in its outskirts, to keep ours guests informed about congress and events in Munich and as well, to provide you with useful links to help you how to get around the city.
As part of the process of redesigning, our pages have been optimized for smartphones and tablets, so that you are able at any time to access all the information of Rivoli Hotels and to be able to navigate for example, on our sightseeing page in Munich.
A straightforward and easy usability, as well as an aesthetic appearance and interesting textual design have been for us an important idea for the relaunch of our hotel pages.
We wish you a great fun looking through our homepage and booking. We will be happy to assist you with any further questions, requests or suggestions you might have.

Our Rivoli Hotel Teams.